Alaska Railroad 151

Baldwin # 11073

From Narrow Gauge Railways of Canada by Omer Lavallee

Photo of a 2-8-0 on the Alberta Railway and Coal Company.

This may be 151, but no number is visible.

History from NGRYoC

This book suggests that 151 went to the D&RGW as 554 or 555.

However, this site tracking Consolidations in Colorado has no listing for Baldwin builders #11073

It shows 554 (C-17 class) (from AR&C) having builder's number 11022 and 555 having builder's number 14487

From Alaska/Yukon Railroads by Howard Clifford

151 while on Alaska Engineering Commission

History from AYRR

From Narrow Gauge Data by Robert Sloan

Diagrams of C-16, C-18, and C-19

For use by modelers to match 151 to D&RGW locomotives to select a model to represent 151.

Dome, stack, headlight, cab, and pilot style may be different on the same model in different eras.

(still looking for data on C-17)

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