White Pass & Yukon
Copper mines branch


This branch line, located a few miles west of Whitehorse, operated from 1910 to 1918.  Construction started in 1907, reaching Pueblo in 1910.

Cars at Pueblo

Pueblo mine

Overturned rotary
on copper branch

Mining World - Report on the mines, 1908  Part One     Two      Three        Four

Pueblo mine description, 1912

Trip account--Skagway-Pueblo-Whitehorse, 1914

Tour book, 1922

Copper branch
traced on Google Maps

Proposal Maps, rotated so the top of the map is approximately north

One--Junction with main line--south end




Five--War Eagle mine--north end

Proposal Maps overlaid on Google Maps aerial photos.  


Little-Big Chief  Spur was not built

Combination of the two above

Spring Creek   Spur to Spring Creek and Empress of India was not built

Pueblo-War Eagle This segment was not built

Pueblo as built overlay