White Pass & Yukon Pictures

The File Cabinet

By Bruce Pryor

This page is used for temporary storage and to post photo requests without having to make new pages with thumbnails, etc.

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White Pass & Yukon Photos

Bridge data - Post 1938

Skagway Depot

Trains magazine article, September 1942

Rotary caboose 907

WP&Y/C&S steel underframe details

Caboose 913

C&S-USA cabooses

56 Switcher tender photos

190 class tenders

Skagway Wharf Early Coal and Ore Facilities

Straddle carrier photos and plans

Bulletin-Rapid Spur

Route Maps  Station maps, if available, are in each station's section on the main page.

Busiest day of WWII - Dispatchers sheet

Haulage Capacity of Engines, January1, 1944

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