Skaguay, Alaska, June 28, 1912

Mr. T. J. Standish,

Storekeeper, Shops

Dear sir:

Please note attached copy of letter fron President Dickeson at Chicago April 29th last addressed to the Buda Company, Harvey, Ill., ordering two No. 14 section motor cars, 18-20 h.p., two cylinder opposed, four cycle, water cooled motors, with dry battery and low tension magneto, at price of $675.00 f.o.b Harvey, Illinois, and geared for 20 miles per hour on level track.

These cars arrived on the Dolphin last night and as I phoned you today one of them is to be shipped to the Atlas Mining Co., White Horse and the other is for our own use and is to be tried out by Mr. Ashley and then sent to section No. 8 at Caribou. The cars are set up I understand and Mr. Greenough wants his as soon as possible. I am unable to locate any invoices for these cars at any of our offices here: perhaps you can make up invoices on the value as shown in Mr. Dickeson's letter.

Yours truly,