1. All dimensions shown on the switch plan shall be rigidly adhered to.

2. Ties for the switch shall be spaced as shown on the plan.

3. The length of switch ties as well as the the number of switch ties shall be as shown on the plan.

4. Washers shall not be used to adjust the points to fit the stock rails.

5. Bolt holes through the heel blocks shall not be made with a cutting torch.

6. Joints in the stock rails shall not be made in the heel block.

7. Reflectors shall not be fastened to a wood block and then placed on the switch stand since this is an unsafe and poor maintenance practice.

8. The round red metal target shall not be cut down to make room for the reflectors.

9. When putting in the bend on the curved stock rail the bend shall start 9 inches ahead of the point rail.

10. Joints shall not be placed in the switch or the frog portion of the turnout.

11. Switch ties shall be tie plated.

12. Curves in switches must be double spiked.

13 The curved closure rail shall be lined out to form a smooth curve between the heel block and toe of the frog.